A collaborative universe created by callowyn and siterlas, starring Jimmy Novak and his twin brother Jacob Glaser as hunters plagued by destiny, and Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester as Castiel's vessel.

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Thanks to the glorious beneficence of rubato/xenoamorist, Novakcest is now listed as a separate fandom on Archive of Our Own! WE ARE LEGIT, YOU GUYS :DDD

So whether you’re retagging old fics or posting new ones, here are some guidelines to make sure they are as organized and accessible as possible:

  1. Put “Novakcest - Fandom” in the fandom field. You can also put Supernatural and/or Stonehenge Apocalypse, but it’s no longer necessary. 
  2. We’re using the Novakcest - Fandom category to refer to a specific verse, rather than anything where Jimmy/Jacob is a pairing. Therefore, if your fic takes place in Supernatural canon (that is, Jimmy gets envesseled by Castiel), your FANDOM tag should be Supernatural only. However, you can still add “Novakcest” in the additional tags section.
  3. Please add season tags, and episode tags when appropriate. Season tags can be used as-is (“Series/Season 01”), but if you are writing for a specific episode please use the form “Episode: [Title] (Novakcest)” rather than using the Supernatural episode tags, as we’ve reshuffled the episode order in many seasons and the SPN numbers might get confusing.
  4.  AO3 already has tags for “High School” and “Middle School” that should be used in place of what we’ve been calling “preseries” on tumblr, but we’ll have to add “That Summer” and “MIT Era” ourselves.
  5. Both “Jacob Novak” and “Jacob Glaser” refer to the same character, so use whichever you’d prefer, though canonically he doesn’t change his name until MIT era.
  6. On that note, here are the official character names of people you wouldn’t know from SPN: Sally Novak (their mother), Physics Macaw, Joseph Leshem and Kaycee Leeds (Stonehenge Apocalypse), Kurt Mendel (Odyssey 5).
  7. Use your own discretion when creating new tags. So far I’ve made one for “Jacob’s Radio Show”, “Powers!Jimmy”, “MIT Era”, and “That Summer”.

…it’s not as complicated as that probably sounded, I promise.

If you’ve only posted to LJ, we would really appreciate it if you crossposted to AO3! Importing is really easy, and I’ve got a few invites and can request more as needed. (If you don’t want to post there for whatever reason, I’m still gonna be bookmarking new fic on delicious.)