A collaborative universe created by callowyn and siterlas, starring Jimmy Novak and his twin brother Jacob Glaser as hunters plagued by destiny, and Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester as Castiel's vessel.

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deerstiels asked: heyy there i have a question would you have a problem with other people writing novakcest? i’m just asking because ever since i read your fic i’ve been obsessed but i know you were like the creator of it and i would totally understand if you didn’t want other people to write it (also unto dust is so amazing to the point of me worrying that i’d ruin the pairing by not doing it as well as you) just thought i’d ask, thankss..

NOT AT ALL, we actively encourage other people to write fic for this verse! that is in fact exactly the intended purpose of unto dust, as well as the entire novakcest tumblr. and if you want any help brainstorming or if you’re concerned about our “canon” my askbox is always open, I am 100% up for talking the ear off anyone who asks about novakcest. also people who don’t ask about it. pretty much everyone within talking range.


reblogging onto this blog to remind everyone that you are always welcome to write novakcest fic! you don’t have to ask permission first, just let us know when it’s posted so we can drown it in a deluge of love and tears and firstborns.



Words: 300, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Novak’verse

read it on the AO3 at


Words: 367, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Novak’verse

read it on the AO3 at


That painful summer.

that summer, it’s the kind of hot where you step out of the shower and all that sweat you just washed away starts reforming immediately
coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and jacob standing right outside the door
brushing past each other with malicious elbows to the ribs
any excuse for a touch
jimmy can never get himself clean

and jacob being handsy, but violent about it
shoves, smacks on the back of the head
wild-eyed jocularity
kicking under the table but with bare feet it’s still skin on skin
jacob knows they are watching each other, hyperaware, so he takes advantage of this
maybe he is angry and petty and selfish, maybe his frustration makes him mean, maybe he thinks if he is going to ruin everything it might as well  be whole-heartedly
jimmy doesn’t want to acknowledge him? fine.
but still jimmy’s subconscious habit of refocusing when jacob enters a room
they just distract each other so much
by virtue of existing
pretending not to stare at each other or the sweat on each other’s faces

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For anyone who posts in the Novakcest fandom tag AO3 (instructions on how to do that are here), I’ve set up astolat’s IFTTT method that should automatically create a tumblr post whenever a new work appears under that tag. Here’s an example of what that looks like, from ao3feed-elementary:

This means that you won’t have to manually post or reblog your fic posts onto this tumblr—the title, author, link, tags, etc. all show up in a text post, which goes up as soon as the fic gets posted. The post tags on tumblr will be #fics, #novakcest, and #ao3.

I’ve bookmarked all the Novakcest fics, both ones posted at the archive and ones that were posted on LJ or DW, but you’ll be easier to find if you’re under the fandom tag!

Unto Dust by callowyn.

In which the Red-Eyed Demon reminds Jimmy that you can’t avoid your past forever, and Jacob finds that spending seven years as far from his brother as he can get is worth nothing when Jimmy shows up on his doorstep asking for help.

7000 words / gen / warnings for graphic violence

Castiel drops to the ground, clutching his midsection. “Cas?” Jacob says, reaching out but not quite touching him. “Get out of here, man, what are you doing?”

"It would appear," Castiel says, "that I no longer can."

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It only takes watching Jacob die twice before Jimmy has a new least favorite day of the week.



dude. casatoo is mean she showed me a fic that was fabulous and now it’s created fanart from my hands noOO. 




#apparently this was for a cas/cas fic but #let’s be real #look at jacob look at jimmy

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Kurt and Jimmy have a brief fling with mutual domesticity. 

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