A collaborative universe created by callowyn and siterlas, starring Jimmy Novak and his twin brother Jacob Glaser as hunters plagued by destiny, and Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester as Castiel's vessel.

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Posts tagged "hearts in my eyes"

Late Night Operator by wandersfound
Prompt: Jacob works as a phone sex operator (enter Cas-voice). Jimmy rings up, not knowing it’s him. It’s the first time they’ve spoken in years.
Set in SPN canon, shortly before 4.20 “The Rapture.” R. ~2000 words.

Not If The World Were Ending by tawg
Prompt: Jacob’s body is the same as Jimmy’s, and that means he knows exactly how to drive Jimmy crazy.
Set in SPN canon, futurefic. NC-17. ~2600 words.

But How To Graph The Results? by tawg
Prompt: Jimmy has powers from being fed demon blood as a baby. Jacob is determined to find a logical, scientific basis. This calls for experimentation!
Set in novakcest verse, season two. NC-17. ~2200 words.

Trouble by skullage
Prompt: They encounter a siren. Sex happens.
Set in novakcest verse, season one. NC-17. ~1000 words.




Novak ‘verse | 401 Lazarus Rising

is it the habit of angels to have faith in the faithless?
it is their habit to have faith in the chosen
and jacob’s heartbeat falters
i didnt even ask for this. i dont even believe in you. you got the wrong brother.
you should be going to jimmy
jimmy has his own part to play, cas says
what the fuck is that supposed to mean
hey don’t just fly off you asshole, what the fuck is—- FUCK YOU.
jacob shouting at empty rooms